How do I place a custom cake, cookies, or cupcake order?
I can take custom orders via text, e-mail or Facebook. To determine an ideal size for your cake, please have a general idea of the number of guests expected to attend your event. Also, be prepared to communicate any of your own ideas regarding the desired style, theme, and colors. You are encouraged to send any supporting materials and props that might help me understand your vision.

When should I place my special order?
My kitchen is currently equipped with limited storage and work space. Therefore, I can only accommodate so many special orders at a time. I recommend that all custom cakes orders be placed at least 4-6 weeks in advance. I will not accept any orders more than 3 months in advance EXCEPT for weddings. The planning, assembly, and decoration process is often very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Do you offer dairy, nut, soy or gluten free products?
All of the products I provide are made using the same equipment, so I do not guarantee anything to be allergen free. I do however provide some gluten free products. Gluten free ingredients are very costly, so please expect to pay at least 2x the normal rate. 

I am interested in decorated sugar cookies.
All hand-iced cookies are made to order to match your special occasion: baby showers, wedding celebrations, birthdays, weddings 
and more. I bake all cookies from scratch using the best and freshest ingredients possible. Each cookie is wrapped individually and tied with a coordinating curly ribbon. For more ideas and different themes, please contact me.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes — I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. I require a deposit most of the time when you reserve a date and will send that via email for you to pay online. Final payment is made at delivery and cash or check is always preferred, so I can avoid paying processing fees. Check's should be made out to "Jessica Niznik". 

Ordering Questions & Answers

Can you make me a cake just like the picture or like one you have made already?
This is a question I often get.... I can not exactly duplicate a cake whether I made it or someone else did. I will try my best, but please know when I am making a cake that someone has made before I do like altering some of the details. I do this mainly because I don't like copying another cake designer exactly. Please tell me what you LOVE about a specific cake and I can make sure to add those details. :)

Where do I pick up my order?
Since I am a Cottage Baker located in Central San Antonio I will coordinate the delivery or pickup with you via email once your order is confirmed. 

Do you make wedding and grooms cakes?

Absoutely, and I would love to bake for your special day! I can provide cupcakes, wedding cakes, grooms cakes and sugar cookies. Please contact me for pricing and avalibility. 

Where can I find pricing info?

I do not list my pricing for various reasons. Most of the time people see a cake and say "how much is this cake?" Well if that cake serves 50 people and you only need it for 20 that will make a big difference. Pricing cakes before knowing details can lead to a lot of misinformation. I am happy to provide a few quotes if you are interested in ordering a cake.